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Time to Shine Vocally

Time to Shine Vocally

January 19, 2021

Welcome to the show!

It’s time to shine!  You shine with your voice.  Why?  Because it’s your voice that has the power to make me feel how you want me to feel about you and your business.

What do you want us to feel?  Are you using your voice to make us feel that way?

So many people want to be heard or seen, they want people to watch their videos, like, comment, buy…but they aren’t using their voices in a way to make that happen.

It’s your voice and your ability to captivate me to with it that is the key to the next level in your business.  Don’t keep thinking the new microphone is going to make this better. 

It’s only when you rewrite the noise in your head around your voice and change the bad voice habits that noise left behind that you will be able to get to the next level, to stop the scroll, to stand in authority, and command a presence.

Voice has always been critical, it’s non-negotiable moving into 2021.

What are you going to do with your voice?

I hope you will join me for my upcoming 3-day live Masterclass training series to unleash your voice. 

We start on January 28th, I hope you will join us! to sign up!

The Best Reveal of You

The Best Reveal of You

January 12, 2021

Welcome to the show!

Today I'm talking about the best reveal of you.

A lot of people believe they are revealing who they really are and to a degree they are.

Others know they aren't revealing their true self. 

People are being on, they are hiding behind a lot of words or speaking fast or even worse, a mask of protection.

The masks are what people really don't realize and these tiny sounds are sabotaging the next level of success.

I want you to get rid of the sounds that are getting in your way because until you get rid of these sounds you really can't unleash the best version of you and without the best version of you...well, you are missing out on that next level of success.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?  It's not the mic that will make your voice, it's removing the masks and drivers and bad voice habits that are costing you everything.

I hope you will join me for my upcoming training Unleash your voice.  It's a 3-day masterclass training with loads of great training and hot seat coaching.  

I promise you this is training you've never seen and honestly, didn't even know you needed.

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Connection Happens Vocally

Connection Happens Vocally

January 5, 2021

Welcome to 2021 and the show!

Can you believe it?  We made it! 

In today’s episode, I’m talking about the connection which is key for 2021.  People are desperate for connection and I’m sure you can see why.

The voice is the place of connection and in the episode today I’m talking about how and why the voice plays such an integral part.

Barriers, blocks, masks, things you hide behind in tiny sounds are how you block us, keep us out and it’s in subtle ways that you probably don’t even realize are happening.

I hope you will step out from behind the voice masks that you have been carrying for so long.  In 2021 I want you to stop working so hard to hold up the masks that are weighing you down.

If you want to join me for my upcoming live training starting January 28th, I’d love for you to join me.  Just go to and sign up.

Best wishes for the best 2021!

Voice 2020 Accomplishments and New Voice Goals

Voice 2020 Accomplishments and New Voice Goals

December 22, 2020

Welcome to the show!

Today I’m doing a bit of a wrap up of the year and a little bit of looking ahead for the new year.

What were your greatest challenges this year?  What was good?  I believe there is always something of benefit in every experience no matter how challenging it is.

I watched hundreds of people shatter their greatest fears around using their voice this year and it was truly magical.

So many people have had to step up this year and get visible in ways they have been avoiding for years.

Did you accomplish the voice goals you had?

In this episode, I’ll not only talk about what my students accomplished this year but exactly what you need to think about in relation to your voice and how to use it in the coming year.

I am sending best wishes for a magical holiday and best wishes for an amazing New Year.

I’ll be back with more great content after the holidays and if you have a topic that you struggle with, please send me an email at and I’ll record a special episode just for you!

Employment in 2020-21 w/ Christine Kidder

Employment in 2020-21 w/ Christine Kidder

December 14, 2020

Welcome to the show.


I’m excited to introduce you to my guest today, Christine Kidder who is a specialist in a lot of things but specifically human resources.


I asked Christine to come on the show to talk about the state of affairs in human resources and jobs in 2020 because, well, you know…it’s been quite a challenging year in many ways.


Today Christine and I talk about the best practices for finding a new job,

The things that are key for job seekers right now,

Opportunities that are available and so much more around finding the right job for you.



Christine started her career in financial analysis after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from DePaul University and passing the Illinois CPA exam.  After working in budgeting and forecasting for a number of years, Christine decided to use her accounting and finance experience to become an accounting/finance recruiter for Fortune 500 companies in the Chicago area. 


After having her son Will while employed at Castle, Christine was able to broaden her experience further and take on new challenges in Human Resources that including growing companies.   Needing more flexibility to meet professional goals and family obligations, Christine decided to start her own business in 2018.  Christine’s HR passion is to help professionals land their ideal job.  She provides services to employers as well, helping them to create an ideal employee experience. 


You can find Christine on LinkedIn:

The Voice of a Leader w/ Kim Laughridge

The Voice of a Leader w/ Kim Laughridge

December 8, 2020

Welcome to the podcast!

I've got a fantastic episode for you with someone that I know you are going to love learning from.

It's possible you have heard me talk about the company TrueNorth and the work I do for them.  In fact, about a year ago I had another TrueNorth employee, Will Tuebel on the show.

Today I'm chatting with Kim Loughridge and I wanted to have her on the show because she really gets leadership.  During the time I worked with Kim it became crystal clear that she understood what it took to be a leader, valued the power of effective communication and was always working to be in a growth mindset.

Her leadership experience has been varied in style and during our time together, I was able to see the difference in the outcomes in communication style and the value in what I believe to be effective communication.

Kim has a lot to share with you today so whether you are officially a leader in an organization or not, I believe everyone is called to be a leader of some sort and I know you will gain massive value from what Kim has to has.


Guest Bio

Kim Laughridge is an Operations Manager at TrueNorth Companies in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where she leads a team of account managers supporting Personal and Commercial product lines. She has extensive leadership and Operations management experience and over the last decade has lead teams focused on operational excellence and strategy, vendor management, and overall client experience.  She lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with her husband Beau Laughridge and two children, Jaxon and Finley. 

Effortless Success w/ Courtney Elmer

Effortless Success w/ Courtney Elmer

November 30, 2020

Welcome to the podcast!

I’m super excited about today’s episode because you are going to hear from one amazing woman.

I recently was introduced to Courtney Elmer through a mutual friend and little did I know that I would instantly feel connected to her and that we would share so many synchronicities and collaborate so quickly.

Courtney has impacted my life in big ways in a very short span of time.  Actually, she has accomplished some big things in a short amount of time, and I know she will continue to change lives more and more and more!

Today in our conversation, Courtney and I talk about what it really means to have an effortless life,

Why people choose to stay busy,

What we need to do to find true success and happiness,

Courtney also shares her incredible voice story with us and so much more.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss today’s episode!



Courtney Elmer is CEO of The EffortLESS Life®, and every year she helps hundreds of entrepreneurs simplify and scale their business using a proven new approach to work smarter, not harder. She developed The EffortLESS Life® Method to help struggling entrepreneurs understand why stress, overwhelm, and burnout happens even when they’re pursuing their passion. Through her signature digital programs (The EffortLESS Life® Academy), live workshops, and weekend mastermind retreats, she guides entrepreneurs to become the EffortLESS CEO™ their business needs so they can generate consistent revenue, unlock their full potential, and create a bigger impact without working 24/7.


Her podcast, The EffortLESS Life®, is ranked among the top 500 shows across the globe and is dedicated to helping people build a business that provides the freedom they’ve been looking for. Courtney has been featured on numerous publications.  She lives in New Orleans with her husband Alan and their son AJ, a surprise miracle baby following her cancer treatments.


Grab her free 5-part video training to learn how to grow a profitable business while working less, here.


Make sure you reach out to Courtney:
 (waitlist for EffortLESS Podcasting Formula) (waitlist for EffortLESS CEO Academy) (Podcast) (Website)

Instagram: @courtneyelmer_

The Right Practice

The Right Practice

November 27, 2020

Welcome to the show!

I've got a great episode for you today, one where I will be going against the grain of what others tell you to do and what you might think you have to do to get the voice impact you want.

Today I'm talking about practice and how you probably need to reframe how much practice you need.

One of the forms of resistance I see in people is this belief that they have to practice a lot or that practicing a lot is going to fix their issues.

It's's resistance.

Yes, you need to practice but there is no point in practice if you aren't practicing the right thing. Worse, is if you over practice because over practicing brings in an entirely different level of problems and you may not realize it.

In this episode, I talk about finding your version of practice and what that actually looks like,

I discuss the pitfalls of over practice and why the belief of just needing to practice is costing you.

If you want to join my Black Friday very special offer, take action today!  Just go to and email me at and let me know what you want in for an extra $50.00 off the already amazingly low price!

I hope to work with you and get you ready to have a voice that makes people listen in 2021!


Is Your Voice Ready?

Is Your Voice Ready?

November 24, 2020

Welcome to the show!

Are you ready?  Is your voice ready to answer the question, the call?  Is your voice ready if you get blindsided and have no prep time to answer?

Two of the biggest contracts of my life happened when I did not even see them coming.

I turned the corner, was asked a question and BOOM!  I was hired.


I was able to deliver at that moment without preparation.

I was able to sound confident like the expert I am.

I was able to create an instant emotional connection.

I was able to make my listener feel something, compel them to take the action I wanted them to take.

Are you ready to do that without any preparation?  Without any practice?

Most people are not.

In fact, most people are getting ready to get ready...

That won't cut it.  That won't ever cut it.

What's interesting is that the people that I continue to see getting ready to be ready...I don't know if they'll ever be ready?


They keep buying into their own tricks of their sub-conscious, the lies of their mind.

I want you to be ready so that's what I'm talking about today.

If you want to get ready in my Black Friday offer, then make sure you email me, for your special link to my offer. 

Let's get you ready for 2021 starting NOW!



Mastering the Gift of Messaging w/ Brandon Lucero

Mastering the Gift of Messaging w/ Brandon Lucero

November 16, 2020

Welcome to the show!

You are in for such a treat today.  With me on the show is my mentor Brandon Lucero.

Brandon is the master of messaging...putting all the words together in just the right way so that you turn your listeners into raving fans and customers.

There is so much to the work Brandon has created and I've loved every minute of learning from him.

I know I don't talk about words too much but I always say that Brandon's work with words is the gift and my voice work is the wrapping paper for it.

Brandon has created an incredible business and methodology around messaging. The Video 4X Effect is incredibly unique and has changed the lives and success of many!

Today we talk about his struggles and what it took for him to find his true purpose and create from that place, as well as the work that he does, why he does it and all the ways it's critical to the next level of success. 

Brandon is one of my favorite people on earth and I know you are going to love hearing from him.


Guest Bio

Brandon is the founder of the Video 4x Effect Methodology, which fixes and elevates content inside of online brands and companies. He is responsible for millions of views and products sold online by focusing your content and messaging on changing beliefs, shifting perspectives, and the psychology of engagement, selling, and behavior.

You can find Brandon at:

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