Revealing and Healing Trauma and Finding Your Sparkle

September 16, 2018

Welcome to the show!

Today you are in for a treat because I have not one but two guests and we are talking all about finding your sparkle!

You've heard me talk about sparking, shining your light through your voice, revealing who you really are and today we are going to explore finding that inner sparkle so you live your best life.

We all have trauma.  In today's episode me and my special guests are breaking down some of the misconceptions of what trauma really is.

We are also looking at what it takes to move past the trauma and find our sparkle so we can live our best lives yet.

You are in for such a treat today as I"m joined by Nicole Lewis-Keeber and Michelle Lewis.

I met these women at Podcast Movement and was instantly drawn to them.  Both of these lovely gals work in the arena of trauma and get that trauma is something we've all suffered from whether we realize it or not.

In today's episode we are talking about:

What trauma is,

Why we need to move past trauma,

One of my own trauma's that I had years ago about working with men,

Our stories and how they quite often need to be re-written,

How money is linked to our worth,

The difference in men and when when it comes to coaching,

Things that keep us from finding our sparkle,

Shame and the destructive path it leaves behind,

How to live your best life yet and why it's essential that you do.


Guest Bio

Feisty and Fabulous cousins Nicole Lewis-Keeber of Nicole Lewis-Keeber Coaching and Michelle Lewis of the Blessings Butterfly are coaches, healers and square pegs who love to talk about all things Mindset and Money and Empowerment on their podcast The Sparkle Hour.

Nicole has nearly two decades as a therapist and clinical social worker that inform her private coaching practice.  Michelle has over three decades in various ministries that inform her private coaching practice.  Together, these bright and bold women speak Truth out loud and dare to create a positive ripple through their candid, honest conversations and inspiring interviews.

They tell all of their stories with authenticity and transparency to promote wholeness as well as to shine a light along the path for people learning how to sparkle some of their own sh!t out.

The Sparkle Hour

Nicole Lewis Keeber Coaching

Michelle Lewis 



Getting Past Finding the Perfect Words, It’s Wrecking Your Voice

September 10, 2018

Getting Past Finding the Perfect Words, It's Wrecking Your Voice

Welcome to the show!

Today I'm talking all about perfectionism and your voice.  So many of the peopel I work with are perfectionist.  The problem here is that every time you try to get the words just right you are stopping your voice from working.  When you go up in your head to find just the right words you disconnect.  When you disconnect, we disconnect from you.

It's not even about the words!  You know that, it's about connecting to the message which is in your heart.

In today's episode I'm talking about why you've got to let that perfect words idea go and how to do it.

Make sure you jump over to and grab your free copy of the Voice Formula voice technique videos and start making a bigger impact with your message today!



How to Stop By-Passing People and Conflict, Use Your Voice

September 3, 2018

Welcome to the show!

Today I'm talking about using your voice in conflict and addressing the person you have an issue with rather than by passing them and going to someone else and getting them to handle it.

We all have done it, just get someone else to deal with it because the person we are avoiding, well, we might be avoiding for good reason.

Today I'm going to give you the why and how of not by passing and heading straight over to the person you need to discuss an issue with.

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Why Getting Rid of an Uptick or Lilt Up is Essential and How to Do It

August 28, 2018

Welcome to the show.

Today I'm talking about the lilt or uptick, you know like the Valley girl.  But it's not just the Valley girl that has it.  It's all kinds of women and men from all over the place.  It has to go.  Why?  Because it's keeping you from getting to the next level in your career, it's revealing doubt and asking for permission.  If you are the expert, why are you asking my permission.

All of this is being processed in the listener's subconcious mind.  They're telling you no and they they don't even know why.

Let's fix that!  Today I'll tell you how.

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Giving Constructive Criticism and It’s Not Received Well

August 23, 2018

Welcome to the show!

Today I'm talking about using your voice to give constructive criticism and the other person is not liking what you have to say in fact they might even be down right difficult!

This is a question that I received on Linked In and I thought it was a good one so I decided to do an entire episode on it!

It's tricky, you are speaking your truth beautifully and getting pushback, what do you do?

Today I'm going to give you several things to add to the mix of speaking your truth beautifully.

I think you'll really benefit from this episode.

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Preparing for and Delivering a Presentation My Latest Experience

August 20, 2018

Preparing for and Delivering a Presentation My Latest Experience

Welcome to the show!

Today I'm talking about my presentation that I recently gave at Podcast Movement 18.  Many people ask me about practicing and preparation and so I thought I'd talk about my experience from start to finish.

I love Podcast Movement and was so honored to be able to speak live again at this year's conference.

There were some twists and turns that I'm sharing so you know how I dealt with unforeseen glitches and recovered from them.

I hope you find this process helpful.

Remember, if you want to join my live 8-week online class Voices of Success this is the last week to register!  We start next week.  

Go to

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Sometimes it’s Better to Not Use Your Voice Episode 139

August 8, 2018

Sometimes it's Better to Not Use Your Voice Episode #139

Welcome to the show.

Today I'm actually talking about non-voice!  Sometimes it's better to just stop talking.  Can you relate to this?  Have you had someone use their voice in a negative way towards you?  I see it daily and it's quite damaging.

In today's episode, I give my litmus test for when to use your voice and why sometimes it's just better to leave things unspoken.

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Why You Need 5 Elements of Vocal Variety Episode #138

July 31, 2018

Welcome to the show!

Today I'm talking about vocal variety.  This is what I spoke about at Podcast Movement and it's a very important topic, not just for podcasting.

It is your use of vocal variety that compel's us to take action.  Through vocal variety, we learn who you really are yet most people shut it down when they need it most.

Let's change that!  In order to build the connections you want, reveal who you are and get to the next level in business you need vocal variety.

Want to head into 2019 with a voice that makes people listen?  Make sure you look into my Voices of Success 8 week program, last round late August.


Foreshadowing w/ Your Voice is Limiting Your Success #137

July 19, 2018

Foreshadowing w/ Your Voice is Limiting Your Success #137

Welcome to the show!

Today is a big topic and so I'm glad you are here.  Many people foreshadow the outcome with their voice.  I hear it the most in sales but I hear it a lot.  You've had a bad experience, you are fearing the no, you are afraid of a certain person and so you are already there in your mind when you speak in the now.

That's a problem because you are foreshadowing the negative outcome in your voice and so you are getting the result that you don't want.

I call your voice, in this case, the gasoline to that person's fire!

In today's episode, I'm talking about foreshadowing with your voice,

Why you shouldn't do it and how to stop!

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