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Inner Freedom, Next Level Confidence

Inner Freedom, Next Level Confidence

July 27, 2021

Welcome to the show!

In pillar one of Psychology of the Voice, I unearth the stories that are holding you back, eradicate the drivers that are calling the shots on how you use your voice.

When the stories are unearthed and we work from the place of not trying to find the right words or any other noise in our heads around using our voice, we find a new level of confidence.  

Inner freedom, knowing you have the words, the right words, and that they will be there for you.

Many people think they are confident and it's possible they show up pretty confidently but there is another level and its confidence from the inside, inner freedom.

Inner freedom is why I do this work.

Let's take you to the next level in how you show up and use your voice.


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The Art of Mindful Communication w/ Brett Hill

The Art of Mindful Communication w/ Brett Hill

July 20, 2021

Welcome to the show!

I've got a great guest with me today and we are going to be talking about mindful communication.

I talk about communication, especially from the Psychology of the Voice perspective and the literal voice perspective but my guest today is going to add an entirely different level to what you've heard me talk about around using your voice to effective communication.

In this episode, Brett and I talk about the ways we don't communicate effectively anymore,

how mindfulness plays into effective communication,

why we don't communicate from a place of mindfulness and how we can and so much more!


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Guest Bio

Brett Hill is a Mindfulness and Communications expert who created The Language of Mindfulness®,  soon to be a book, training, and TEDx talk (2021).  Brett is also a published technologist with two Microsoft Press books, having worked as a technical storyteller and international speaker for Microsoft and others. Microsoft named him as a “Most Valuable Professional” for 9 years. But his real passion has been studying and teaching interpersonal communication, meditation, depth psychology, and mindfulness. He graduated with a degree in interpersonal communication and moved on to study Hakomi, a mindfulness-based somatic psychology with founder Ron Kurtz.  He also trained as a facilitator in Matrix Leadership group dynamics with founder Amina Knowlan and established the Quest institute meditation center in Dallas.  All of this combined with his speaking and teaching experience has led him to create the Language of Mindfulness - so we can have amazing conversations, every day.

He currently teaches as a meditation instructor at, hosts the Language of Mindfulness podcast, and is available for coaching, speaking, or training at

Back to One

Back to One

July 13, 2021

Welcome to the show.

One of the things I've been told a lot in this work is that I really take things away from people that they no longer need in their voice.

I agree.  I call it taking you back to one, back to the place before you put up all the masks and your subconscious adjusted your keep you safe.

Psychology of the Voice is about identity, it's about transformation, it's about getting back to the real, most true version of your voice.

It's freedom and confidence and the ability to show up in a big bold way vocally when you get back to one.

Today, I'm talking about getting back to one.


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Your Most Important Asset

Your Most Important Asset

July 6, 2021

Welcome to the show!

Today, we are talking about your greatest asset.  Yes, you have a lot of great assets but the one in which we determine everything about you, the one in which you have the power to make me feel, compel me to take action, influence, and persuade… is what we are talking about. 

Your greatest asset is your voice and in today’s episode, I’m going to teach you why and discuss how to maximize it.

Until you start playing bigger vocally, you might not reach the inner freedom, confidence, and ability to captivate your listener as you long desire to do.

The Past and Your Voice

The Past and Your Voice

June 29, 2021

Welcome to the show!

If you aren't commanding the presence you want, captivating your listener, or stopping the scroll, it's possible your past is the problem.

It might not make any sense that your past has anything to do with your present voice but it does, it has everything to do with it.

If you are dragging your past into the now, there are sounds in your voice that I promise, are costing you.

Today, I'm looking at the ways you bring in your past and sabotage your future by doing so.



Emphatic Endings and Getting Our Buy In

Emphatic Endings and Getting Our Buy In

June 22, 2021

Welcome to the podcast!

If you are not ending your sentences with a full stop, owning what you are saying, and commanding the space then this episode is for you.  Emphatic endings are something I hear a lot of people struggle with.  Full stop at your endings, fully owning what you say. 

Many people tend to ask our permission or check-in to see how they are doing as they speak their sentences which waters down their message and makes them sound non-committal.  If you are not bought into what you are saying, how do you expect us to buy in?

Today, I’m talking about why emphatic endings are so important and how to make sure you command the space by committing to what you say by how you say it.

Demystifying the Mysticism with Carrie Hamm

Demystifying the Mysticism with Carrie Hamm

June 15, 2021

Welcome to the show!

If you are curious about how to intuitively navigate your life and business then you don’t want to miss what my very special guest Carrie Hamm has to say.

Carrie is a student of mine and today she and I are talking about all the ways we use our voice to fit in,

How we push in business when that’s not the best choice,

Why we go against what we know to be true,

And so much more!


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Guest Bio

Carrie Hamm

Carrie Hamm is a business strategist and intuitive coach who helps visionaries, entrepreneurs, changemakers and creatives – break through barriers to land their next big leap.  She combines her intuitive gifts with 20 years’ experience in business technology, and 20 years of intensive spiritual practice to help people activate the energy and mindset needed to hold massive expansion.  She specializes in demystifying mysticism to find the practical in the magical.


Find Carrie at: 


Instagram: @thealchemychannel

Facebook: @carrielahamm

Clubhouse: @carriehamm



Stop Holding Back Your Voice

Stop Holding Back Your Voice

June 8, 2021

Welcome to the show!

Are you holding back when it comes to using your voice?  You might not think so b/c you are showing up, being visible.  For some of you, you know you are holding back when it comes to your full expression.

When it comes to captivating the room with your voice, there is always another level, another layer.  

In pillar three of Psychology of the Voice, I reveal some of the best bits to level up your business and relationships and they all have to do with revealing the best version of you, the bits of you, the feeling, the degrees and shades of who you really are.

I'm revealing that information in today's episode!

If you want more information on the Teen Stand Up and Use Your Voice program, email


More Words Won’t Get You What You Want

More Words Won’t Get You What You Want

June 1, 2021

Words, and more words…do you feel like you have to say all the words in order to get what you want?  If you do or if you find that you are giving all the value to the words and expecting them to do the work for you, then you don’t want to miss today’s episode.

So many people use words as a mask to try to get it right, control the outcome or what we are thinking (both are an illusion), or even prove they know what they are talking about.

You are far better off with one line that makes it crystal clear who you are and how you feel and how you want me to feel.  Not any of that happens in the words, it happens in your voice.

Don’t miss today’s episode!

Great Voice, It’s Not Just for Actors w/ Chris DeBlasio

Great Voice, It’s Not Just for Actors w/ Chris DeBlasio

May 18, 2021

If you think needing to have a good voice is just for actors, you don’t want to miss my conversation today with Chris DeBlasio.  Chris is a television and film executive producer; public speaker and branding expert and he understands how critical voice is.

If you are ready to step up your C-level game, then you will love hearing from my special guest.  In today’s episode, Chris and I talk about the power of voice for professionals,

The ever-changing climate of video platforms in business,

How to command a presence and why stepping up your game on video is important,

Why it’s important for executives and professionals to know how to speak well,

How to build confidence and command a presence and so much more!


Guest Bio

Chris DeBlasio, the CEO of Agency 850 and 850 Entertainment, is a television and film executive producer, public speaker, and branding expert. He has +16 years in the entertainment business as both an actor and producer.

DeBlasio got his start at the School of Film in Manhattan, NY with teachers who instructed the likes of Edward Norton, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Peter Sarsgaard, and others. After receiving training he landed roles on the nationally broadcasted One Life to Live, CSI: NY, and other day-time television. This early success gave DeBlasio the confidence to pursue a full-time acting career in Los Angeles California.

During his time in LA, Chris’s entrepreneurial spirit kept emerging. He started working with his contacts in the movie business to fulfill the emerging need for mobile content. Chris listened to their needs and developed a new way for movie content to be shown on smartphones. This technology took off and DeBlasio started Agency 850.

Agency 850 is now headquartered in Atlanta, GA which has a thriving entertainment industry. As CEO, DeBlasio oversees a staff of writers, producers, social media managers, and branding experts to administer CEO and Personal branding services to leaders in cutting-edge industries.

850 Entertainment's studio is located in Marietta, Georgia. This is the headquarters for all movie and TV content produced by DeBlasio. The facility is over 16,000 sqft with 4,000 sqft of administrative offices and production facilities.

Through his own branding work and ability to be comfortable on stage, DeBlasio has been asked many times to speak to audiences about acting, the movie industry, as well as personal and CEO branding.

You can find Chris’s personal branding knowledge online by searching for his own professionally produced CEO branding show called “C-Level with Chris DeBlasio” where he discusses business success and strategy with CEOs from all over the world. 

You can find Chris here:



Linked In:



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