Episode #112 Pay It Forward with Your Words and Tone

February 16, 2018

Welcome to the show!

Today I'm talking about a different kind of paying it forward and it involves your voice, not your wallet.

Your voice is the most powerful tool you have if you know how to use it.

Today I'm going to challenge you to use your voice in a way that shows others kindness just by speaking to them and how you speak to them.

If you are ready to catapult your career and take your life to the next level then let's talk, you're voice is possibly the missing link in getting you where you want to go.



Episode #111 The Voice of Success w/ Simon Kozlowski

February 11, 2018

Episode #111 The Voice of Success w/ Simon Kozlowski

Welcome to the show!

You are in for a treat on today's show because I've got my friend and co-creator Simon Kozlowski with me, all the way from South Africa!

Simon and I met on Linked In and I was immediately drawn to his work, his mission, his message and what he stands for when it comes to helping people achieve their best version of themselves.

We immediately discovered that our beliefs and work lined up quite succinctly and began discussing all things voice and success.

On today's episode Simon and I talk about:

Why the voice is so important to success,

Voice stories and how they affect our lives,

What authenticity really is,

Why we avoid letting people see who we really are,

Our new online program and so much more!  


If you'd like to find out more about the online program with me and Simon, just click here but make sure you don't delay, we only have 7 spots available.  Voices of Success


Guest Bio

As The Reinvention Coach, Simon helps ambitious mavericks and outliers become who they need to be in order to reach where they want to be.

He is a dynamic coach who has equipped and empowered hundreds of leaders and managers to achieve outstanding results in both their professional and personal lives.

Simon unapologetically asserts that communication is the single greatest differentiator in business, and his track record as a pitching and presentations coach backs him up.  His work with executives in the areas of pitching and presenting has enabled them to significantly grow revenue; transform organizational culture; and convert resisters into raving fans.  Beyond that, his sales coaching has enabled clients to achieve an average sales increase of 30% within 3 months. 

Simon lives on the sunny east coast of South Africa with his beautiful wife, Niki, and their three children.  Simon and Niki dream of owning their own wine farm someday, but until then they are content to savor the offerings of little-known estates from around the world. 


Episode #110 The Value of Clear Communication in All Strategies w/ Tom Sylvester

February 5, 2018

Episode #110 The Value of Clear Communication in All Strategies w/ Tom Sylvester

Welcome to the show!

Boy, are you in for a treat with this one!  On the show today I've got an amazing guest for you who is throwing down some serious strategy and communication tips.

I enjoyed this interview so much and I know will too.  Tom really brings so many valuable techniques in so many areas to the table in today's interview to help you thrive in business, life, and relationships.

Today on the show, Tom and I are talking about:

Clarity in communication,

Why it's so important to get on the same page with your collaborators,

Productivity techniques that will make a big difference,

Mindset blocks,


Small steps to take in business that will yield big results,

and more!

If you are ready to make a bigger impact with your voice, make sure you reach out tracy@captivatetheroom.com.  I want to help you step into your voice power and transform your life in 2018!

Guest Bio

Tom Sylvester is a husband, father and serial entrepreneur and business strategist.  He brings a background of strategy, technology, innovation, coaching and team building to the businesses that he works with.  A firm believer in Lean Startup, Tom enjoys helping entrepreneurs validate their ideas and follow proven principles when it comes to starting and scaling a successful business.  Additionally, Tom helps entrepreneurs navigate the personal journey that comes with being an entrepreneur, from overcoming mindset blocks, ramping up their productivity, growing as a persona and becoming a great leader in their life and business.



Episode #109 Speak Your Truth Beautifully, What Does That Even Mean?

January 29, 2018

Episode #109 Speak Your Truth Beautifully, What Does That Even Mean?

Welcome to the show!

Today I'm talking about the tagline you have heard me speak many times, speak your truth, just do it beautifully.

The other day someone asked me what that even means?

I figured I best explain!

Speaking your truth beautifully is about saying what you need to say, using your voice but using it from a place of confidence, kindness, boundary setting, love and in the best interest of you and the person you are speaking to.

I think you'll like this episode!

Want to step into a more confident sounding voice and get more of what you want?  Let's talk.  www.captivatetheroom.com


Episode #108 What Happens When Your Voice is Silenced, Don’t Feel Heard or Afraid to Use Your Voice

January 22, 2018

Episode #108 What Happens When Your Voice is Silenced, Don't Feel Heard or Afraid to Use Your Voice

Welcome to the show!

Today is a very important topic for me, for many.  Today I'm talking about when you don't feel heard, when you've been silenced or when you are just flat out afraid to use your voice.

The last of those 3 usually happens because of the first two and it's a big problem.

I've been researching this topic for many years now.  It's my story, it's the story of many people I've worked with over the years but the story is much bigger.

The research is staggering as to what happens when people don't feel heard, are afraid to use their voice, have been silenced.

This is such an important topic that I'm filming a documentary about it and I'd love to hear your stories.

If you'd like to talk about your story, whether you want to be in the film or not, I'd love to hear it.

You can email me at tracy@captivatetheroom.com or youtookmyvoice@gmail.com

You Took My Voice is the name of my documentary and today I'll be talking about why it's so important that you continue to use your voice and not let anyone take it.

If you bit your tongue instead of saying what you need to say,

Struggle with setting boundaries because that requires the use of your voice,

Just keep the peace,

Have lost out in your life because you haven't used your voice,

Don't feel heard,

Have been silenced,

Then this episode is for you.

If you are ready to use your voice in ways you've never used it before, if you are ready to set yourself free then I can help!  http://www.captivatetheroom.com

I want to hear from you!


Episode #107 Finding the Miracle w/ Dave Sanderson

January 17, 2018

Episode #107 Finding the Miracle w/ Dave Sanderson


Welcome to the show!


I am so excited about this first interview of 2018 and I know you are going to love hearing from today's guest.  I found this story to be the perfect fit for the first interview of 2018 and it happens to be rolling out on the week of the 9th anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson.

Everyone has their own personal plane crash, Dave Sanderson's came in the form of an actual plane crash when he was the last passenger off Flight 1549 known as the Miracle on the Hudson.

Dave's story is inspiring and full of miracles but it also has a very powerful voice component.


On today's episode, Dave and I talk about:

What it was like that day to be on that flight,

How he was meant to be on that flight,

How he used his voice in that experience and how it made a difference,

How the Miracle on the Hudson changed him,

What it means to have our own personal plane crash,

And so much more!

You don't want to miss this riveting and inspiring episode.

If you are ready to use your voice, don't hesitate to reach out and see if I can help!  I'd love to hear your voice story.


Dave Sanderson


Dave Sanderson is the President of his firm, Dave Sanderson Enterprises based out of Charlotte, NC. On January 15, 2009, Dave was the last passenger off the plane that crashed into the Hudson River, best known as “The Miracle on the Hudson” and was largely responsible for making sure so many others made it out safely.  

In addition to speaking and training, Dave conducts workshops, is a much sought-after podcast celebrity an author with his best selling book titled “Moments Matter”, hosts his own radio show on Contact Talk Radio and C-Suite Radio called “Moments Matter” and his daily briefing on Alexa titled, “Dave Sanderson: DECLASSIFIED.” He shares the 12 resources he and others employed that day and how you can use them to not only survive but grow and thrive in your life!

He and his wife, Terri, reside in Charlotte, NC.  They have four children, Chelsey, Colleen, Courtney, and Chance. 

You can find out more about Dave and his story and work at http://www.davesandersonspeaks.com

Linked In:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/davesandersonspeaks/



Episode #106 Using Story and Detail in Job Interviews and Life

January 14, 2018

Episode #106 Using Story and Detail in Job Interviews and Life

Welcome to the show!

Today I'm rolling out the third episode of the interview series but this is a wonderful technique you can use in all of your life.  

The detail of the story and how you reveal it can be what actually changes everything for you.  We get so bogged down in the facts and the information and end up not bringing any of it to life as it leaves our mouth.

Today, I'm teaching you exactly how to find the details of the story and bring them to life with your voice so you can create stronger connections and touch people on an emotional level like never before.

Are you ready to share your message in a meaningful way that transforms people's lives just by the sound of your voice?  Then head on over to http://www.captivatetheroom.com


Episode #105 Using Your Voice in a Way That Matters

January 9, 2018

Episode #105 Using Your Voice in a Way That Matters

Welcome to the show!

Today I'm talking about all the reasons it's so essential for you to use your voice.

It's your key to freedom for one thing, but there is more.

You can change lives when you use your voice.

Just one voice gives others the courage to use their voice.

We learn, grow, change and are completely transformed by other's stories.

You are someone's answer!

In today's episode, I'm also revealing how you can work with me this year.  I've got some new things happening in 2018 including a documentary that I'd love to hear from you on.  I'll continue to work with people privately and have a small group course. 

No matter how you do it, I want you to step into your voice power this year. 

I want you to speak with a voice that makes people listen. 

I want you to captivate the room but most of all, I want you to have the freedom of speaking your truth.

If you are ready to take your personal and business life to the next level, please contact me and let's see how I can help.  http://www.captivatetheroom.com

If you are interested in submitting your story to the documentary, please find out more information here:  http://captivatetheroom.com/call-for-stories/



Episode #104 Voice Lessons I Was Reminded of in 2017

January 7, 2018

Episode #104 Voice Lessons I Was Reminded of in 2017

Welcome to the show!

Today, again, I'm doing something a little bit different.  I'm starting off the year with some foundation of voice, the psychology of the voice episodes and then we will dive back into the technique of captivating the room.

But, the psychology of the voice, the voice lessons are an important part of using your voice.

I had a number of voice lessons this year.  Lessons I've learned before but got gentle, large reminders of this year.

It's so crucial to use your voice, always.  Now, more than ever you need to be heard, you need to use your voice to finally be free and to serve others.

In today's episode, I'll tell you the top lessons I was reminded of, re-learned this past year and most of them have to do with voice!

Stay tuned, a big announcement about this coming year's work and how you can share your story with the world coming soon.

If you are ready to use your voice, speak with confidence, connect and captivate in 2018 then reach out.  You can find me at http://www.captivatetheroom.com


Episode #103 Why Picking a Theme Can Take You to the Next Level

January 5, 2018


Episode #103 Why Picking a Theme Can Take You to the Next Level

Happy 2018!

Welcome to the show!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday and a fantastic New Year’s Eve celebration wherever you are in the world.

Today I'm talking about my New Year theme word for 2018!


Now, I’m not sure if you know this or not but every year for the last four years in addition to goals and plans I pick a theme word.

2015 it was Fearless

2016 it was Faith

2017 it was Courage

I'll be talking today about why I pick a theme word in addition to plans and goals,

Why a theme word will help you expand,

What a theme word is and how to pick it,

How I picked a second time this year for my word,

What my first and second word is,

Why you might think about picking a theme word!

If you want to find out more about stepping into the power of your voice and making a bigger impact in 2018 as you get visible and share your message head over to http://www.captivatetheroom.com