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Stop Being Interrupted

July 12, 2019

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Do you ever get interrupted? Are you interrupted repeatedly? This can lead to you not feeling heard and eventually, you just stop talking. If that's you, listen along to find out how to stop being interrupted. If you're on the opposite end and find yourself being the interruptER, I'll have some valuable nuggets for you as well. 

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Think back to your own psychology of the voice story. Can you think of an instance in your childhood where you were shut down, told to be quiet, etc.? It's usually a combination of that experience plus something else ("that and").

Every single sound paid the same admission price to get out of your mouth. Every sound has to get out, or you have to start giving refunds. Dropping endings leads people to believe you are finished with your current thought and may lead to being interrupted. One way to overcome this is to vary the inflection in your sentence - up, down, up, down - especially around commas and sentence endings.

Do you struggle with wanting to get all of the words right? Don't stop and think about what you're going to say next. Release the grip of getting it right and focus on how you can formulate your thoughts faster so you're not starting/stopping or speaking slowly.

If you're interrupted:

Tell the person who interrupted you that you're not finished. What scares you is thinking that you'll sound like a jerk, but keep a neutral and/or kind tone and you won't. Tonality makes a difference.
Keep talking. Raise your volume if needed. Make it clear that you weren't finished. Don't give your power away and reclaim your voice.

Everyone deserves to be heard. Everyone needs to be heard. Most people aren't.

Get out there and speak your truth; just do it beautifully.


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