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Rewriting the Voice Story from the Inside Out

May 31, 2019

Rewriting the Voice Story from the Inside Out

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Today's episode is a voice coaching episode and I will be analyzing our guest's voice. Our guest, Leah Carey, has an exceptionally fascinating field of work: sexual communication coach. She uses her experience and her voice on her podcast, Good Girls Talk About Sex, to work with women and couples to figure out what it is they want in the bedroom and how to advocate for that (and get it!).

You will not see our guest but understand that it still takes a certain level of vulnerability to have your voice analyzed by a complete stranger.  Prior to this interview, I had only spoken with her for 3 minutes. Keep in mind while listening that I have no notes, no idea what I will hear, write or fix during this episode. Listen along as Leah describes her journey from no idea how to express herself to being comfortable to advocating for herself to now working with me to make the outside voice match the inside transformation she’s had.

The voice is the orchestra of the heart. In this episode I will help Leah reach her potential and reveal how she truly feels through her voice.

Just as you would consult a medical professional for personal medical needs, keep in mind that diagnoses and techniques provided in this coaching session are not a one-size-fits-all.

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