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Power and the Neutral Voice

October 21, 2019

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Do you find yourself struggling with what you really need to say - beating around the bush? That's not the best reveal of who you are and actually creates a negative story. Tune in today to learn how to say what you need to say with the appropriate emotion.

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This is a process. There is a lot of life rolled in; a lot of moving parts and pieces. In the past month, through several different personal instances, I have seen a lot of needing to remove emotion from the voice. This may be one of the most challenging things to teach you to do - removing the emotion from your voice (such as passive-aggressiveness). This emotion in your voice could be ego, aggressive, punishing, domineering, or any number of negative emotions that end up coming through your tone. You're communication from a place of a pile-up of negative experiences that are coming out through your tone in an attempt to wield power and validation where you may otherwise feel powerless. You could be indirectly saying what you need and want through your tone, in the hopes that they'll "get it." 


Not saying what we need to say builds this up. Being worried about perception builds this up. It's a mask. You're putting something in place that is going to keep you from getting what you're trying to accomplish. Through this process of removing the negative emotion, we are trying to create the best version of you

Ask yourself:

Do I need to say this?

Is this going to serve them and serve their highest good? 

What is my purpose in saying this?

Is your tone lining up with what you're saying, or is your tone communicating something your words are not?

Say what you need to say. Start reframing how and what we're saying, and say it with neutrality. There's this saying: "Restraint of pen and tongue." I can't say that I have never said things I don't regret, or with a negative tone. I have; I'm human. I make a concentrated effort, however, to be very careful about what I say and with what tone because once it is out there in the world, you can't take it back. 

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