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How Expectations Effect Your Voice

June 17, 2019

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Join me today for part one of a four-part series, discovering how to limit noise in your communication and high-stakes relationships. We'll begin with expectations. 

Expectations significantly affect your voice, communication, freedom, and happiness. 

Susie Connerley is back for more great advice and discussion. 

Expectations: A belief that someone will or should achieve something. 

We get expectations from experiences we had growing up that are either fulfilled or unfulfilled. All of our habits and beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind and leads to our conditioning. Remember: the neurons that are wired together, fire together. 

Ask yourself: what kind of expectations do you get yourself into with other people? Once you work through your own, you free other people of your unconscious expectations of them. Expectations don't need to be negative but you need to be aware of where they are coming from and what you are seeking with them: comfort? Control? It's always about the mental and emotional constructs. Is it unreasonable to have expectations? In truthfulness, if you don't want to be disappointed, you need to not have expectations; realize that you do not have any control over anyone else and their behavior or feelings.

Susie Connerley is a Rapid Transformational Therapist who has been working in the wellness arena for 11 years to maximize results, help people achieve real change and become more of who they truly are. With a background in psychology, energy therapy, and meditation, she has a unique ability to see the origin of where people are shutting themselves down and help them come into full empowerment. Susie is on a mission to revolutionize the way we communicate in our relationships by connecting to who we truly are and finding and freeing our voices for good.


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