Captivate the Room

Getting Rid of Voice Masks, Getting to the Next Level of Success

June 14, 2019

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 Do you want to be a captivating movement maker?

There are three things you need to do:
1) We have to be able to connect with you and let them in.
2) You have to reveal who you are.
3) You have to reveal how you feel.

Have you considered how voice masks, barriers, and habits are keeping you from connecting with your audience and your next level? Listen to today's episode as we unpack these issues: voice masks out, success in.

Every person has vocal habits. They may be things you don't even think about or know about. Some of the more common or obvious ones include: articulation issues, volume (too loud/too soft), pace (too fast/too slow), struggling to find the words, being stuck in your head, and pronunciation and/or enunciation. Even though those seem like obvious issues to be able to resolve, there are often underlying issues to address: voice barriers. Barriers are akin to bulletproof glass. They keep us from connecting with our audience. They are put in by your conscious to keep you safe, just like bulletproof glass.

People pleasing is a big problem for voice barriers. I also refer to them as voice masks; either way, they are something you hide behind. It can also include: needing to prove, asking for permission, being analytical, being a perfectionist, and being outcome driven. Playing small, not letting us in, not letting us know who you really are is often linked to fear of success. 

Ultimately, you're losing out on the next level of success because you're hiding behind these masks. If you really want to own the room, we have to first look at the foundational elements. If you want people to do what you want them to do, data is not going to compel them. They need to feel it. Part of it is knowing who you are and part of it is me knowing what I'm looking for, what I'm trying to find as an audience member. 

We don't have to change who you are. We just have to remove the mask from your voice. You put something in place that you believe will get you what you want but it's the very thing that will keep you from getting what you want. These masks are driven internally by protection but they ultimately prevent connection.

Masks, like bulletproof glass, are clear and sometimes they can be very thick. There are often multiple layers standing in between you as the speaker and me as the audience member. How do we start removing these masks and revealing who we are? Awareness. Being aware of what you're doing is a huge part. Voice work is much bigger than just getting rid of bad voice habits. There is no amount of warming up your voice that is going to get rid of bad voice habits.
Why are you going to warm up what's not working anyway? We have to fix these things at the root cause, the barrier. Of course we have to look at muscle memory and technical voice work, but not forever.

I find success when I lean into what I know, even without warming up:
Reveal how I feel
No barriers
Create a Connection
5 Elements
Voice Journey

Get out there and speak your truth; just do it beautifully.

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