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Leading w/ Your Story and Authenticity w/ Mike Casavant

April 30, 2018

Episode #130 Leading w/ Your Story and Authenticity w/ Mike Casavant

Welcome to the Podcast!

Today I've got another great guest joining me from my Linked In network.

Mike Casavant and I are talking all about:

Stories and why businesses should be using them,

Telling stories in an authentic way,

Sales and marketing,

How he was labeled as a child,

Surpassing the odds and more!


Guest Bio

Mike Casavant

As a sales and marketing strategist, his focus as your most trusted advisor is to have a definitive understanding of each client’s unique dynamics. Mike uncovers your potential to reinvent yourself no matter the challenge.

In his spare time, he can be found working on a collection of poetry that challenges the human condition, building relationships across many sectors, connecting like-minded individuals to enhance their given profession, expanding my knowledge in various areas such as digital psychology, self-development, business economics. 

Linked In: