Captivate the Room

Using Your Voice in a Way That Matters

January 9, 2018

Episode #105 Using Your Voice in a Way That Matters

Welcome to the show!

Today I'm talking about all the reasons it's so essential for you to use your voice.

It's your key to freedom for one thing, but there is more.

You can change lives when you use your voice.

Just one voice gives others the courage to use their voice.

We learn, grow, change and are completely transformed by other's stories.

You are someone's answer!

In today's episode, I'm also revealing how you can work with me this year.  I've got some new things happening in 2018 including a documentary that I'd love to hear from you on.  I'll continue to work with people privately and have a small group course. 

No matter how you do it, I want you to step into your voice power this year. 

I want you to speak with a voice that makes people listen. 

I want you to captivate the room but most of all, I want you to have the freedom of speaking your truth.

If you are ready to take your personal and business life to the next level, please contact me and let's see how I can help.

If you are interested in submitting your story to the documentary, please find out more information here: