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Cold Calling and Your Voice

October 7, 2019

Do you want to make more money? Of course! ;-) Today, we're focusing on cold calling and how to make sure what you're putting out is what is going to take your bank account to the next level. 

This is an episode for people in sales, entrepreneurs who have to call on other businesses, or even from the perspective of asking for a raise or pitching an idea to your boss. 

What do people hear when they hear you? 

You have to come to terms with perception-reception. The number of times people think they're putting something out but we're receiving it differently blows my mind. Your subconscious is always going to trick you. Why would your psychology of the voice tell you that you're either messing up or rocking it if it's not the case? The subconscious' number one goal is to protect the heart. Voice is the orchestra of the heart. If it can convince you you're doing a great job when playing small, you'll continue to play small and stay safe. 

You have to release the outcome. If you're worried about the sale or the raise, your voice will convey that. Control is an illusion. You're wrecking your chances by trying to control the outcome or focusing on the end result of making the sale or getting the raise. You can practice this by approaching this as if you were calling someone you know, like, and trust; a good friend. The foreshadowing in your voice - stiffness, disconnected, you don't believe I'm going to buy, you don't really care about me, you want to get to the sale, you're not hearing me, etc. - all comes out in the disconnect found in your voice when I'm receiving your message. You talk to them as if you care about them. When you relax and have a conversation, the right things are going to come to your brain and connect with your audience. You talk about building relationships yet you talk AT people. You build relationships by talking TO people. There's an exponential difference. 

Vocal energy comes up when we talk about selling. My goal is not to turn you into me. My goal is to turn you into the best version of yourself. How do you feel when talking about what you're selling? Are you excited? Passionate? Tap into that! When you commit to who you really are and reveal that passion and enthusiasm, it draws in your audience. You won't be the "infomercial guy." Reveal how you feel and watch what changes. You be you. Don't let them determine how the call is going to go - don't drop down to their level if they're low energy. You have to maintain the best version of you at all times, and they will meet you at your level. 

Until next time, you know what to do. Get out there and speak your truth, just do it beautifully. 

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