Captivate the Room

Clarity in Your Message Delivery, The Inverted Funnel

November 19, 2019

Welcome to the show!


Today I'm talking about words.  I know I don't normally talk about words so much but I have a lot of people I'm working with that tend to get a little bit in the weeds on words.  What I mean is, they dump way too much information, get bogged down in the details and then they lose us.  If this is you then you want to make sure and stay tuned.

Why is it a problem?  Well first and foremost I bet you are frustrated with people not having a clue what you are talking about but second and most importantly, you can't captivate the room if you are in a data dump.

Today I'm going to shift all of that for you with a process I call the inverted funnel.

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