Captivate the Room

Benefits of Changing What we Hear in Your Voice?

September 16, 2019

Welcome to the show!

I recently was on a trip and got in a very engaging and thought provoking conversation about how next level voice, the Psychology of the Voice Effect can change things, what's the value in it, in a nut shell, what do you get out of it.

It was an interesting conversation and I really had to bottom line my answers. 

The truth is, it changes everything.

To have the opportunity to discover what we are hearing and processing in your voice and have that secret weapon and then to change that is power in and of itself.

But, we also can look at what could be repelling people in your voice, are there aversions that are turning people off, are you creating connections and especially emotional connections.

It was a great conversation and I thought I'd share the highlights with you!

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