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August 19, 2019

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Changing Your Inner Voice, Identity Shifting w/ Rob Scott

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Welcome to the show!

Today you are in for a treat because the incredible Rob Scott has returned to Captivate the Room for a second visit.  Rob is one of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever met.  From his story, to what he’s overcome, to the work he does today he never ceases to amaze.

In today’s episode Rob and I talk about:

Identity shifting, what it is and why it’s so important,

What is the shadow work,


What a mind virus is and how we get rid of it,

Being, doing and winning,

Trying to achieve success and fulfillment and settling for only one of them,

How we can quickly transform issues that we feel hopeless about,

Rob’s thoughts on my documentary and what parent’s need to do to ensure their children feel heard and more!


Guest Bio

Rob Scott is the expert that helps people break through, change and literally evolve their consciousness.  Rob goes beyond just mindset shifting, he shifts your very identity and he’s world-class at this.  Rob shifts people who think they’ll never be a successful entrepreneur and turns them into massively successful entrepreneurs, he takes people who never think they’ll have success and turns them into incredible success stories.  Rob’s spent the last decade of his life working with hundreds of thousands of people, shifting their identities and showing them how to evolve their consciousness and get incredible results across all areas of their businesses, their health, their relationships and their entire lives.

Rob’s personally been awake now for more than 20 years and has been helping others wake up for more than a decade.  He’s helped craft congressional testimony multiple times which has led to national policy reform in American, has thousands of followers that he feels blessed to interact with and is the coach other coaches come to in order to shift themselves.  People who work with him have massive breakthroughs of more money, more health, more time and quite simply, more happiness and fulfillment.

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