Captivate the Room

7 Seconds to Captivate

June 7, 2019

Welcome to the show!

Every 7 seconds, our brain tells us to check out. If you're not using your voice in a way to captivate, you're giving your audience permission to check out. Once you lose them, it is incredibly difficult to get them back.

Today, we'll look at what it takes to captivate in those first 7 seconds and beyond: creating unpredictability with your voice.

Within the first 30 seconds that we hear your voice, we are determining everything about you. This is one of the reasons why the voice is so important. If your voice is full of masks and barriers, we're going to determine who you are based on what we hear and it may not be the best version of yourself.

1) Don't lose us
2) If you do, you'll have to work even harder to get us back as an audience member.

You're potentially focusing on your words only to keep my attention. Yes, you need the correct words and an attention getter, but you need vocal unpredictability from the start. 

Captivating the room is about unpredictability; you never know where I'm going to go next. Take your audience on a journey. This does not mean that every 7 seconds you must make a shift, but it should be close. Work up to it: you start rolling stuff in. You start being more unpredictable. You start creating more of a journey; build from there.

You can have the best writer - the best content - on earth, but if you're not bringing those words to life, creating unpredictability, and taking me on a journey, you're not going to captivate me. When I know how you feel I can connect with you. I learn how you feel through the use of vocal variety. Start rolling in those 5 elements. What do you need to roll in that will reveal how you feel? Just start with one and build from there; make your journey bigger, broader, and better.

Get out there and speak your truth; just do it beautifully.

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